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3 Oct
"I became convinced that Americans would be interested in the backstory of why a Japanese company sent a film crew to the Ivy League campuses in 1965 to photograph students’ clothing. And with the authors all getting on in years, I thought I should write up their story ASAP. This book could serve as a companion volume to Take Ivy, maybe called Taking Ivy. Over brunch, my literary agent told me, sounds very cool, good luck with it, but it’s way too niche for me to pitch to major publishers."
3 Oct
A very fun looking, hand-cranked, 35mm silent movie camera.
30 Sep
A pair of userscripts which allow you to download your entire Bandcamp collection in one go.
29 Sep
TIL that Apple Books stores its imported ePUB files in a weird, proprietary way that other readers don't like. 🙄
27 Sep
A very fast (40–60x faster than Calibre) ePUB to Kobo enhanced ePUB converter.
The CLI includes a search/replace tool, which seems handy.
27 Sep
Defective by Design's list of booksellers and publishers who provide their books without any digital rights management.
23 Sep
"Witchcraft is an extension for loading custom Javascript and CSS directly from a folder in your file system, injecting them into pages that match their files names."
22 Sep
Spencer Chang's list of homecooked (made for oneself or a small group of folks, not distributed online) apps.
22 Sep
An essay (manifesto?) by Tim Hwang and Omar Rizwan that I loved so much that I made a backup copy of it because the original lives in a Google Doc.
"What was previously scarce and expensive is now simply an implementation detail"
22 Sep
"TabFS is a browser extension that mounts your browser tabs as a filesystem on your computer."
This is wild! I love it!