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24 Jan
A journaling app for iOS that looks like social media, but is fully private.
#Journaling + #Software
22 Oct 2023
An alternate, lightweight, cross-platform Discord client with support for theming, and plugins. Blocks all of Discord's trackers out of the box, no config required.
17 Oct 2023
"Vial is an open-source cross-platform GUI and a QMK fork for configuring your keyboard in real time."
I hafta have at least one keyboard in my storage bin that's compatible with this.
10 Oct 2023
"Convos is an IRC client that runs in your browser and brings the IRC experience into the 21st century. It features a persistent bouncer on the server side that will keep you online even after you close your browser window. Want to use Convos on your phone? No problem! Convos is fully responsive and fits any screen."
#Chat + #IRC + #Software
10 Oct 2023
"A service for sending ebooks to a Kobo or Kindle ereader through the built-in browser."
#Kobo + #Software
29 Sep 2023
TIL that Apple Books stores its imported ePUB files in a weird, proprietary way that other readers don't like. 🙄
27 Sep 2023
A very fast (40–60x faster than Calibre) ePUB to Kobo enhanced ePUB converter.
The CLI includes a search/replace tool, which seems handy.
#Kobo + #Software #ePUB +
23 Sep 2023
"Witchcraft is an extension for loading custom Javascript and CSS directly from a folder in your file system, injecting them into pages that match their files names."
22 Sep 2023
Spencer Chang's list of homecooked (made for oneself or a small group of folks, not distributed online) apps.
#Homecooked + #Software
22 Sep 2023
"TabFS is a browser extension that mounts your browser tabs as a filesystem on your computer."
This is wild! I love it!