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1 Nov
Remember "Design Is a Job"? It's back! In zine form.
17 Oct
"Julia takes us on a surprising journey through Orwell’s now-iconic dystopia, with twists that reveal unexpected sides not only to Julia, but to other familiar figures in the 1984 universe."
3 Oct
"I became convinced that Americans would be interested in the backstory of why a Japanese company sent a film crew to the Ivy League campuses in 1965 to photograph students’ clothing. And with the authors all getting on in years, I thought I should write up their story ASAP. This book could serve as a companion volume to Take Ivy, maybe called Taking Ivy. Over brunch, my literary agent told me, sounds very cool, good luck with it, but it’s way too niche for me to pitch to major publishers."
27 Sep
Defective by Design's list of booksellers and publishers who provide their books without any digital rights management.
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21 Sep
I'd already been eyeing one of these to replace my slowly deteriorating Kindle Paperwhite — but Robin's effusive praise for his has me dying to pick one up.
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8 Sep
"Every Man for Himself and God Against All is at once a personal record of one of the great and self-invented lives of our time, and a singular literary masterpiece that will enthrall fans old and new alike. In a hypnotic swirl of memory, Herzog untangles and relives his most important experiences and inspirations, telling his story for the first and only time."
Herzog reads the audiobook, naturally. So *you know* I had to go and preorder that. 😄